According to the information provided by Interpress's brand finance company, Brand Finance, Turkey ranked second in rankings this year, ranking 24th in the list of the most valuable country brands, while the list of the most valuable brands in which the brand values ​​of the countries of the world are determined is announced. According to the report, Turkey's brand value of $ 474 million last year was $ 570 million with an increase of 20 percent this year.
THE MOST VALUABLE BRAND USA, CHINA IS THE SECOND LINE  According to the report, the most valuable country brand was the US with a brand value of 21 trillion 55 billion dollars. China, which increased its brand value by 44 percent compared to last year, ranked second in the list with a brand value of 10 trillion 209 billion dollars, followed by Germany with a brand value of 4 trillion 21 billion dollars. While Japan was fourth with a value of 3 trillion 439 billion dollars, it followed this country with 3 trillion 129 billion dollar brand value.
BEST PERFORMANCE COUNTRIES  Iceland, Cyprus, Spain, China and Vietnam were the top performers in this year, while Southern Cyprus was at the top of the list despite a 57% increase in brand value compared to last year.