Industrial Design

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Industrial Design

Industrial Design turkeyAll of your efforts to give your product a distinct and attractive design. For achieving this you spend so much time and money. In view of these investments, and keeping your competitors in mind, it is highly recommendable to legally safeguard your own creative ideas and performances to the best possible degree. In this sense, the industrial design is ideal as a protection right. By adopting this approach you protect the original design, the aesthetic and visual exterior design of your product against copying by others. In order to obtain a industrial design, the design which you have developed must be


new and

distinctly characteristic.

on the date of registration.

For an industrial design, there must be a one year novelty period before applying. In the sense of this regulation a design is regarded as being 'new' if it has, for example, been presented at a fair and then registered by the legitimate applicant within the grace period of one year.

Brief explanation of the procedure

A design application is examined as to formal requirements by Patent Institute and then registered. The registration is published in the Official Designs Bulletin for six months and if no opposition is received, the registration will take effect. If the opposition by the third party is justified, the design registration will be canceled

The registered designs are protected for five (5) years as of the application date. This period may be renewed for up to five times with a total protection period of twenty-five (25) years.


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