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Patent turkeyTurkish Patent Application

The patent is the most widely known protective right which is granted to you by the Patent Office after you have filed an official petition.

Inventions which are novel, which involve inventive step and which are industrially applicable shall be patentable.


Brief explanation of the procedure

Patent applications are subject to a formal examination at the Turkish Patent Institute. Following the formal examination, the report on the State of the Art (RSA) must be requested within 15 (fifteen) months of the application date or priority date, if any. Within 18 (eighteen) months of the application or priority date, the application is published.

The search on the State of the Art is carried out at an office accepted as searching authority and after the report is received, within 3 (three) months, the applicant must opt for the grant of the patent with or without examination.

Following the decision of the applicant and the search report is published, within 6 (six) months third parties may file their comments against the application or the content of the report. After the six month period expires, if the applicant has opted for granting patent without examination, patent is granted for a 7 (seven) year period.

In order to obtain a patent for 20 (twenty) years, the applicant must file the request for examination within 7 (seven) years. Third parties may also file a request for examination.

If the applicant opts for the system with examination, at the end of 6 (six) month opposition period, the applicant must file his reply and/or amendments within 3 (three) months. If the Institute decides that the application fulfills the patentability requirements, the patent shall be granted for 20 (twenty) years.

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