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Trademark turkeyAvrupa Patent And Trademark Agency supports you in filing trademark applications and carrying out all procedures before the Trademark Offices worldwide, We conduct availability searches and manage your worldwide trademark portfolio.

Your best product, your most outstanding service performance require an identifiable feature on the market. In plain terms: they must have a 'identity card'.

And while your own success is materialising, there is a risk for your competitors to copy or imitate your symbols and logos. Word symbols, picture symbols or combined word-picture-symbols can be registered as trademarks.



The trademark must be

distinctively different and

characteristic by nature.


Before deciding on a trademark or a new company name, you must first be certain that your choice does not constitute an impingement on the rights of third parties. We perform the necessary investigation, research and status evaluation in this respect.

Turkish registration of a trademark :

TrademarkAn application for the registration of a trademark can cover as many classes as the applicant wishes, however an extra fee is paid for each class exceeding three (3). The classes must be prepared according to Nice Agreement. After the Office has performed a formal examination, the registration is published in the trademark bulletin


Third parties having a similar symbol have the right to file an opposition within a period of three months as of the publication of the application in official.

The trade/service mark is registered for ten (10) years which is calculated from the application date. This period may be renewed with periods of ten years. An application for renewal must be filled before six (6) months of expiration of the protection period. If an application is not filed within the above mentioned six month period, the mark may still be renewed within the six (6) months following the expiration date, by paying a fine.

  • Required documents and information for a trade/service mark application
  • Sample of the mark (Max size is 7 x 7 cm);
  • Name and address of the applicant;
  • List of goods and services according to Nice Agreement;
  • Power of Attorney, simply signed by the applicant ( legalization is not required; )

Home Registration Certificate from Home Patent Office, if Home Registration Certificate is not available, then an Activity Certificate issued by Chamber of Commerce/Industry or an Extract from the Commercial Register.

Power of Attorney and Home Registration Document (or Activity Certificate) may be given at a later date until the grant decision is received.


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Trademark Registration Office,  ISO 9001:2000 certificate

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